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Superior Farms Discusses Why Families are Opting for Lamb This Holiday Season

Superior Farms knows that the holidays are looking a bit different this year for many of us. While gatherings may be smaller than usual or facilitated by online means, one thing will remain the same- people still want great food. Turkey is certainly one of the most popular proteins for Thanksgiving, but it is not the only protein that is worthy of gracing the table. American families looking to shake things up this year are looking at a variety of other options, including American lamb, to bring some new flavors to their holiday meal. Here, Superior Farms details a couple reasons why this is the case.

One reason that some families are opting for lamb this holiday season is because it cooks more quickly in the oven than some other proteins. The holidays typically have us preparing a long list of sides, many of which will take up coveted space on the stove or in the oven. With lamb, quicker cook times mean that you can spend less time babysitting your protein and pay more attention to making side dishes just as flavorful. Superior Farms notes that cook time is not the only place where a home chef can shave a few minutes off their mealtimes when cooking with lamb. Because lamb is naturally tender and flavorful, there’s no need to inject it when baking. Basting can be done to keep the lamb moist and absorbing flavor, but marinades, injections, and the constant watching associated with poultry can be avoided by going with lamb instead.

  Another reason that families are adding lamb to their holiday menu is because this year feels like a great time to experiment a bit. We are all aware of the impact COVID-19 is having on many of our holiday celebrations, with some of us opting for smaller scale meetings and others deciding to keep the festivities among members of our immediate household or through online means. With breaking from some elements of tradition, home-chefs are getting more experimental with what they put on the dinner table. For families that eat lamb less often than other proteins, Superior Farms suggests this holiday is the perfect time to discover it. It also has a flavor profile that lends itself to either culinary experimentation or doubling down on tried and true holiday flavors.

There is a wide variety of foods that would be suitable for your table this holiday season, and you and your family cannot go wrong if you are choosing options that bring comfort. Superior Farms hopes that everyone stays safe over the holidays and takes the time to share joy with those who matter most.