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Superior Farms Puts Care for Their Animals and Customers Above All Else

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Superior Farms believes that to live up to the name of superior they must make every effort to handle their lambs with the proper care. It all stems from how the lambs that come from Superior Farms are raised. Certain newborn lambs are provided with a specially designed probiotic paste that been proven to help the lambs grow up healthy and active. It’s not just about what the lamb is able to eat, it’s about how the flocks are able to live. In order to be a rancher with Superior Farms, there must be a commitment to allowing the lambs to roam freely and live off the land.

Superior Farms goes a step further to ensure the health of the flock by offering their ranchers genetic testing through the Flock54 program. This allows producers to test their flock’s DNA for animal parentage and traits associated with disease, production and meat quality, helping to ensure that Superior Farms produces healthy lamb. And lastly, no lambs from Superior Farms are given added hormones.

The animal care at Superior Farms extends to handling. In order to provide the best processing facility possible, Superior Farms contracted Templin Grandin of Colorado State University. Grandin’s input helped with the design of Superior Farms handling facilities as well as how the facilities are run. One of the best examples of the superiority of these facilities is the Dixon, California Superior Farms facility. The North American Meat Institute, also commonly referred to as NAMI, featured the facility as an example of how a modern meat processing facility should look and operate to maximize efficiency and sustainability.

It’s not enough to offer lambs a great life on the ranch. Superior Farms takes their responsibility to run humane facilities extremely seriously. Superior Farms facilities regularly undergo audits from The British Retail Consortium. This audit is known as one of the strictest audits in the food safety industry. Additionally, Superior Farms facilities has USDA inspectors on the premises, partnering directly with facility staff to ensure the highest compliance with safety and standards.

Once the meat is processed, Superior Farms provides airtight packaging. Airtight packaging is utilized to ensure that all lamb products only need to be packaged once, which eliminates waste. In addition to this, the airtight packages help food stay fresh for a longer duration of time. This allows the lamb to be consumed safely for longer periods of time.

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